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Having years of experience and specialization, we are able to take over any kind of stone construction or processing.

Δημήτρης Σφυρίδης ΑΒΕΕ - Karystos Stones | Πέτρες Καρύστου
Δημήτρης Σφυρίδης ΑΒΕΕ - Karystos Stones | Πέτρες Καρύστου

The company was founded by Mr Sfiridis Dimitrios and has been active in the field for several decades. This is a family business, whose occupation with stone dates back to 1955.

This is the second generation that deals with the processing of Karystos stones and the construction of its products and today has 26.500 m2 privately owned exhibition, factory and storage spaces.

From 2000 until today, it has covered a long distance. It has dynamically established its presence in the wide area of construction and investment, thus creating a multidimensional development, unique to market data.

In 2016 it acquires its own quarry and is fully verticalized by the extraction of stone, its processing, production and packaging of its products. Although it has modern mechanical equipment, it chooses to maintain traditional ways of approaching the materials, proving that the handmade finishes and carvings have a timeless value, just like the stone itself.

The company’s vision is to enter in new markets in which it will promote its products.

Goals and values of the company:

  • Costumer focus
  • Developing relationships of trust with customers and suppliers
  • Providing excellent quality products and services
  • Satisfaction of even the most demanding customers
  • Creativity
  • Respect for stone and the natural environment

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