Karystos slates

Karystos slates come from the extraction of Karystos stone in the quarries of the area, where they have taken their name. It is a product compatible with nature, without containing harmful substances to health. It is not a flammable material and it does not contain toxic substances. After mining, it is used safely in any place or can be processed.

The main categories in which Karystos stones can be distinguished are:  the irregular Karystos slates and the rectangular Karystos slates. Irregular Karystos stones have a polygonal shape and can be larger or smaller in size. The rectangular Karystos slates cut in various sizes.

Their colors are different, as it is a natural product, so there are the grey Karystos slates, the green Karystos slates and the brown Karystos slates.

Karystos stones are suitable for flooring and squares paving as they are resistant to very high and low temperatures. However, their use consists in walls covering, roofs and paving.